Soft motion,
easy life

Soft motion,
easy life

Cultraro offers infinite solutions for damping movement. Whether it be a rotary, axial, or linear damper or one of our push push latches, we have a solution for your product. Whatever object you want to slow down, we have the right damper for you. Each damper we produce is designed specifically for your product, making every movement more fluid and silent. With Cultraro dampers it is possible to soften any opening and closing, offering high quality and maximum safety.

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Rotary dampers are extremely useful components for accurate opening and closing of small lids and drawers because they allow controlled deceleration.

The torque in the rotary dampers is determined by the viscosity of the fluid and the structure of the geometrical components inside the device. We can offer customized versions in any desired torque within the standard range.

How rotary dampers are used

Rotary dampers are used in many sectors where small components are needed, such as furniture, electronics, medical, and aerospace industries.

Cultraro rotary dampers are mainly applied to cup holders, center armrests, glove boxes, handles, washing machines, refrigerator doors, toilet seats, garbage cans and drawers.


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Innovation, customization and quality: these are the objectives we set for ourselves every day in the design and manufacturing of Cultraro dampers, 100% tested and rigorously checked one by one within the supply chain.

Thanks to the internal R&D department that allows us to meet the stringent validation requirements of our customers, we continue to explore new applications for our dampers,

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Big rotary damper one way


Big rotary damper one way


The DE big rotary damper one way has holes mounting feature, a body diameter of 22 mm and available torque from 2,5 Ncm to 15 Ncm.

Graphic DE3H062-R
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