KA axial barrel damper in electric vehicle frunks





Electric vehicles (EVs) have revolutionized the automotive industry, not just with their eco-friendly technology, but also with their innovative design. One such design feature is the "frunk" – a front trunk that offers additional storage space. However, the convenience of a frunk is enhanced by a crucial component: dampers, particularly our KA axial barrel damper.

This infographic explores the significance of dampers in EV frunks, showcasing their benefits and functionality.

Benefits of the KA axial barrel damper in EV Frunks

Safety and Convenience:

Dampers prevent sudden movements, reducing the risk of injury or damage. They allow for hands-free opening and closing, making it easier to access the frunk even when your hands are full.

Enhanced Durability:

By controlling the movement, the KA axial barrel damper reduces wear and tear on the frunk lid and hinges, extending the lifespan of these components.

User Experience:

Smooth and effortless operation enhances the overall user experience, making the frunk more user-friendly and accessible.


Axial, rotary and linear hydraulic dampers are widely used in the automotive industry, especially in electric vehicle applications

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