Who we are

Cultraro Automation Engineering  is a world leader in the production of dampers and latches.
Our primary goal is to provide infinite innovative damping solutions for every need and product.

Our Mission

We are global specialists in the design and manufacture of motion control devices. We offer our Customers flexible and innovative solutions for all their needs. Our products come from the creativity and expertise of our People, synergy with Partners, and a sense of responsibility to the local and global Community.

Our Vision

We want to bring the benefits of smooth movements to all applications of daily life


The dampened motion is the new frontier of innovation

Global footprint:

Rivoli, Italy (near Turin): Headquarters - This location is home to our administrative offices, state-of-the-art design, production and testing facilities.

Delhi, India: Home of Cultraro Autocomp Solutions – our largest manufacturing plant.

United States: Sales, engineering, logistics and warehousing – Our North American logistics center, Cultraro US Corporation, is located in Florida.  We also have a state-of-the-art warehouse in Tennessee.

Shanghai, China: Sales, engineering, logistics and warehousing - In 2019 we set up a 100% owned company, Cultraro Shanghai Company ltd, to offer a more efficient and effective service to the entire Chinese area, which is the largest market in Asia.

In 2016 Cultraro purchased Firs Stampi, which produces injection mold tooling and provides special mechanical processes. This allowed Cultraro to become vertically intergrated.

Our highly knowledgable sales force is present throughout the globe. Located in Europe, North America and Asia, these industry professionals oversee all geographical locations and provide assistance in development of customer solutions.

During 2021 we started a partnership with Stabilus S.A., a stock-listed company and one of the world's leading suppliers of motion control solutions for a wide range of industries.

In terms of business and opening up to new international markets, this is an important opportunity for growth with the possibility of offering an ever wider variety of solutions.









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Our values



High reliability and accurate controls
are used from beginning to end of production
for each damper made.



Latest generation automation technology
combined with our teams’



Tailor-made customized solutions
for every single need
and every request.


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