The use of dampers in electronics

Both on workplaces and homes, there are plenty of electronic devices that we use everyday.

Electronic objects have doors, covers and various components that are frequently moved during use. The frequency and mode of use of these components can cause them to wear out quickly or become noisier than necessary, affecting the overall performance of the device.

Dampers can solve this problem, providing regular and controlled motion and vibration.


How do dampers work in electronics


The installation of a damper on electronic objects permits to absorb and dissipate the excess vibration resulting from the use of components, preserving the various parts from wear and increasing the life of the whole object.

Dampers do not affect the size or the weight of the object, because they are small and light component that can be used in compact tools like joysticks and precision instruments.

We can find dampers in many everyday objects: in printers, to slow down the movement of the moving elements; in electric drills, to reduce the vibration and provide a safe use; in laboratory instruments, where precision is a requirement; in lawnmowers, to smooth the closing movement of the control panel flap.

Where vibration can become excessive, you will always find a damper!

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