100% High Quality

100% High Quality

Cultraro dampers are the result of automation and quality, where innovation meets every type of need.

Each damper is tested for torque, force and other fundamental parameters which always guarantee high reliability. We create innovative solutions ad hoc for every single customer and every single need.

Innovation meets customization

Cultraro has always offered products with high standards and innovative solutions that solve every type of need. We continue to invest resources in R&D to offer tailor-made products of the highest quality. Thanks to this commitment, new patents are registered every year, thus achieving ambitious goals.

Our goal is to anticipate market trends with dampers that simplify a wide range of applications.

Our team is ready to create the right product for you, also modifying critical parameters of each damper such as:

  • High torque in small packages
  • Long life cycles
  • High or low working temperature
  • One-way damping performance
  • Working speed
  • Low sensitivity to temperature changes
  • Any torque within the standard range can be requested for all rotary dampers and the F Series family among the axial dampers

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