Rotary dampers applications

Rotary dampers are gear-like devices that can limit and slow down the movement of a moving piece of equipment, absorbing excessive vibration and noise and preventing components’ wear. 

Reliable and high-quality dampers can protect delicate components and extend the life of the products in which they are installed.

Rotary dampers are used in many different sectors with mainly motion control of lids, covers and handles. Their design, size and applications are customized on the lid weight, that affects the torque and the force needed.


Rotary dampers have many different applications


Rotary dampers are used in a variety of industries such as automotive, furniture and electronics, to control the opening and closing movement of armrests, cabinets, camcorders, dvd players, laptops and toilet seats.

Rotary dampers are even used in robotic surgery. By opposing a slight resistance, dampers allow surgeons to operate with smart consoles with precision and fluidity. This type of technology can help spread the use of robotics in non-invasive surgery practices on a large scale, thus improving hospital efficiency from a time and workforce perspective.

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