Axial dampers on the new Volkswagen ID7





Discover with us the new Volkswagen ID7, which reaches a new level of innovation with the inclusion of an axial damper on the front console, designed to revolutionize your driving experience.

In a world where every detail matters, the Volkswagen ID7 shines by prioritizing quiet and controlled motion. The axial damper technology on the front console transforms the act of closing the door into a graceful experience. Say goodbye to the abrupt slam of doors and embrace the quiet elegance of the ID7.

The Volkswagen ID7's axial damper ensures that the closing motion of the door is slowed, eliminating any unwanted noise caused by abrupt movements. This technology isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating an atmosphere of sophistication that redefines the way we perceive automotive interiors.

It's easy to overlook, but the constant slamming of console doors can lead to premature wear and tear. This innovative damper gently slows the closing motion, eliminating abrupt impacts that can cause long-term damage to the door or hinges.

By prioritizing quietness and wear protection, Volkswagen has taken a significant step toward redefining comfort and durability in the automotive industry. Enhance your daily commute and experience the difference with the Volkswagen ID7 - where every detail counts.

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Source: Automotive News Europe

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