Axial and rotary dampers on lockers doors





Dampers play a significant role in improving the functionality and user experience of locker doors. In particular, axial and rotary dampers are ideal for this type of application due to their small size and versatility of available torque.

The main benefits of using axial and rotary dampers on lockers doors are:

Noise reduction:
Dampers ensure that lockers doors close in a controlled and quiet manner, minimizing annoying noise.

Soft Close:
The soft close feature allows lockers doors to close gradually, avoiding the harsh impact associated with traditional closures.

Extended life: 
Slow closing protects the door from wear and tear, extending its life and reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement, saving time and money.

Why limit yourself to lockers? The same type of soft close can be used on many other doors, such as mailboxes and any application that has a door that can be opened manually or automatically.

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