Soft motion,
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Soft motion,
easy life

Cultraro offers infinite solutions for damping movement. Whether it be a rotary, axial, or linear damper or one of our push push latches, we have a solution for your product. Whatever object you want to slow down, we have the right damper for you. Each damper we produce is designed specifically for your product, making every movement more fluid and silent. With Cultraro dampers it is possible to soften any opening and closing, offering high quality and maximum safety.

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Axial dampers are conceptually similar to rotary dampers in principle of operation - the torque is determined by the viscosity of the fluid and the position of the blades that rotate inside the device - but differ in positioning, as the axial dampers are normally installed directly on the rotation axis of the application. To facilitate installation on the axis, some versions of axial dampers have a pass-through hole. In addition, for the whole F Series we can offer customized versions in any desired torque within the standard range.

How axial dampers are used

Axial dampers are normally used on handles and luggage covers, to facilitate their opening and closing movements.

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Innovation, customization and quality: these are the objectives we set for ourselves every day in the design and manufacturing of Cultraro dampers, 100% tested and rigorously checked one by one within the supply chain.

Thanks to the internal R&D department that allows us to meet the stringent validation requirements of our customers, we continue to explore new applications for our dampers,

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Small axial barrel damper


Small axial barrel damper


FP series is the new small axial barrel damper with a high torque of 18 Ncm, the first and only one in the market!

Axial big barrel damper


Axial big barrel damper


The axial big barrel damper GA series can rotate for a maximum angle of 110° and is available in torque of 70 Ncm and 90 Ncm.

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