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Rotary dampers in robotic surgery


Electronics and tools



Innovative applications: Leo, the robot that simulates surgical operations

Rotary dampers are widely used on cars, but not only: we also have interesting applications in the non-automotive world.

In fact, their small size and high torque are useful where accuracy is important.

Leo is an easy-to-carry and easy-to-assemble console that can greatly aid the spread of robotic surgery by simulating the work of the da Vinci® console created by Intuitive Surgical, Inc, a robot that performs minimally invasive surgery.

In the arms of Leo Robot there are three rotary dampers that help the movement

By opposing a slight resistance, Cultraro dampers allow the user to operate with precision and fluidity.

To learn more about Leo, you can watch this video or visit the website.

For more information on Cultraro rotary dampers and their innovative applications you can visit the page dedicated to small rotary dampers or contact us via e-mail

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