Why does it move so smoothly: 10 places where you didn't know there was a rotary damper

Rotary dampers absorb and slow down rotary motion modifying the stroke and reducing vibration, noise, impact and wear on the components of objects and devices.

Thanks to the fluid viscosity and the high torque, a rotary damper can provide a smooth and controlled functioning of a movable mechanical product, ensuring its safety and buffering and giving it a high-end, luxurious feel.

Rotary dampers are used in a lot of applications, even in those you don’t expect them to be.


Robotic surgery

Rotary dampers can be applied wherever accuracy is necessary. This is the reason why they are used even in the medical sector, particularly in minimally invasive robotic surgery.

In operating rooms, more and more surgeons are using the support of robotic consoles that can operate with precision and fluidity.


Bike helmets

Choosing a good helmet makes the difference while driving. This is why companies are choosing high-quality components to produce comfortable and functional helmets. Using rotary dampers in helmets visors allows the biker to flip it up quickly with a fluid and controlled movement, without distractions.

This is how many companies use small rotary dampers: applying a damper makes it possible to produce safe and functional helmets with flip-up visors.


Laboratory instruments

Weighting and analytical instruments for laboratories need the rights tools able to provide a safe and controlled movement of mechanisms.

The application of rotary dampers on lids and compartments is the solution: many devices integrated dampers in their design to improve performance.


Retracting belts

Retracting belts are very useful in shops, airports and crowded places where queues are common, but its abrupt rewind in dangerous for people who handle them.

Installing a rotary damper on the belt’s rewind system makes it possible to create a stable product, slowing down the retracting movement.


Steering column lever

Rotary dampers are used in a big variety of automotive applications. Among them, rotary dampers are applied in the steering column lever for a smooth and controlled movement in its adjustement.

You can find this type of damper in the steer of Lamborghini Urus and Porsche Panamera.


Cable accesses

In many workplaces, cables must be hidden under lids and flaps for safety reasons.

Many companies employ rotary dampers in their flip up systems, offering a safe and durable solution to hide and secure cables. With a damper, it is sufficient to press the lid to open it in a fluid and silent way and connect the devices to the cables in a safe way.


Roller shutters

Our homes host a multitude of dampers in many objects, furniture and devices.

Roller shutters are an example of how rotary dampers are used in house applications. A rotary damper is able to slow down the downward movement of the shutter, preventing it from hitting the ground or hurt someone, like a baby.


Gasifiers and coffee machines

Rotary dampers are often use on household appliances to prolong their life and give them a silent movement. A damper can be installed in a water gasifier to control the movement of the machine when it automatically moves the bottle while in use, or in coffee machines to slow down the opening movement of doors and lids, increasing their durability.


Car charging and fuel filler doors

Car doors are extremely fragile because of the stresses to which they are subjected, both for the temperature variation and the human utilization.

The installation of a rotary damper is extremely useful to slow down the closing of the door and preserve it from wear, ensuring the safety of refuelling operations.


ATM devices

Using a slow and faulty ATM can cause panic!

When it comes to money, users want to feel safe. Applying a rotary damper on ATMs prevents blockages and malfunctions, offering fast and secure deposit and withdrawal operations.

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