Cultraro among the suppliers of the new Mercedes EQE





The Mercedes Benz EQE is the alternative we waited for to Tesla and other electric cars.

It is excellent as comfort and technology, well-built and good to drive.

Comfort in little details

Our damper are present in two applications used on a daily basis: the storage bin cover and the cupholder door.

The storage bin is useful as a compartment for small objects: thanks to Cultraro rotary and axial dampers the movement of the cover can be easily controlled, and the push push latches locking technology ensure the safe closing of the cover. The same can be done on the cover of the cup holder. The small dimension of the dampers guarantee an easy integration even in small applications.

There are many uses of dampers in the automotive sector: for example the armrests, the luggage cover and the glasses drawer.

Source: Automotive News

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