Soft-close movement

User-friendly, high-quality objects need technologies that make them easier to use, preserve their lifespan and improve the user experience.
Just think of floor or wall cupboards in the kitchen: slamming doors or ovens that close quickly contribute to the deterioration of the whole piece of furniture and they are also annoying because of the noise they produce.

This is where dampers come in.

When installed on a lid or door of an object, the damper provides the object with what is described as a 'soft-close movement': a soft, slow opening and closing that requires no effort because all it takes is the touch of a hand.

Smooth, slow movement with dampers


The hydraulic mechanisms inside the dampers make a smooth and silent movement possible, thanks to the counteracting forces to which the product is subjected when opened and closed.
In addition, the damping effect produced is progressive: the higher its level, the greater the resistance exerted and, as a result, the slower the movement.


The soft-close movement in practice


One example of this is the toilet. Installing a damper on the toilet seat means protecting the ceramic from damaging blows: the hydraulic mechanism absorbs the closing force, thus slowing the downward movement and preventing any irritating impact.
With dampers, the sound of slamming doors is just a bad memory!

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