Torque dampers

Torque dampers are designed to provide a smooth and silent damping mechanism, commonly used in applications such as soft-closing toilet seats or small doors and box units.

Torque dampers are invisible, but essential to achieve a smooth and sleek controlled motion.

What is a torque


A torque is the result of two rotational forces in a mechanism and refers to the amount of movement an engine can exert.

Referring to dampers, the torque is generated by the viscous friction between the vanes and the fluid inside the device.


How toque dampers are used


Using torque dampers is very easy: simply place the damper between the two hinged parts, allowing your lids to be lowered and raised slowly and carefully, reducing the risk of slamming.

Through the torque generated by the damper, torque dampers enhance the movement of small lids, drawers, panels and covers in many applications.

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