Rotary dampers in automotive sector

Rotary dampers are small but essential component for a soft and smooth opening and closing movement and are used in many sectors, such as furniture, medical, electronics and aerospace industries.

Among them, rotary dampers are also used in the automotive sector to improve the perception of quality, silencing the movement of internal and external mechanisms of the car and prolonging its life.

Rotary dampers in car interiors

Rotary dampers in car interiors can be used to achieve a smooth and slow movement contributing to travel comfort.

Rotary dampers are used in a large variety of automotive applications, like ashtray, storage boxes, cup holders, central armrests, handles and car glasses cases.


Rotary dampers in car exteriors

Rotary dampers are often used in external car components, offering the driver greater comfort in frequent gestures, such as opening the trunk, refueling and using door handles.

Indeed, rotary dampers can be installed in the trunk handle, the fuel door and the charging door on electric cars and external door handles.


Using dampers inside and outside the car provides a better and more comfortable travelling experience.

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