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Cultraro in Dlimit retracting belts


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Whether it’s in a shop, or at the airport, at the station, the queues have always been there and there are more and more of them, to keep order and distance for our safety.

Retracting belts are therefore increasingly used in different areas, and must ensure, in addition to the safety of those who use them, also that of those who place them. In fact, the retracting belts usually have a belt that, once let go, rewinds quickly and in a rather abrupt manner. The risk is that of getting hurt: in case it is inadvertently released it can be very dangerous. You need a method to slow the belt down!

Cultraro rotary dampers perfectly supply to this need: our rotary dampers combined with the rewind system of the Dlimit retracting belt create a solid and stable product.

Our rotary dampers one way, with the range of torque available and different gear wheels are adaptable to a large variety of applications.

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