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Kesseböhmer has chosen Cultraro D Series dampers for the innovative pull-down system of its kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is probably the most loved space in the house. 

Warm, welcoming, where the family can spend quality time together. What can make this room even better? Efficiency, of course!

This is where Kesseböhmer comes into play, with iMove, the clever pull-down system for wall units.

This product combines beauty and practicality with effortless movement, reaching new standards in the field of kitchen cabinets.

Such effective movement is possible with high quality and versatile dampers

Cultraro dampers perfectly meet these needs: our D Series are located inside the mechanism that remains in the cabinet, and ensure that the shelf slowly retracts inside it.

With a large variety of torque and gear wheels these dampers are the perfect choice for many furniture applications.

If you want to learn more about iMove, visit the Kesseböhmer website.

To find out more about D series Cultraro dampers, visit our website.

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