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Our barrel damper is featured on Little Fat Robot's visor system, used in home applications and as a teaching assistant for children

At a time when technology can really make a difference in our daily life, a product that can really help us is not only innovative, but also aesthetically pleasing: Little Fat Robot has a number of world-leading technologies and patents as an autonomous movement and emotional system. It is used in home applications and also as a teaching assistant for children.

We are proud to be featured on a highly high-tech product that can truly innovate the way our children learn, even when they can't go to school. On these advanced technologies every little detail is important, and treated with the utmost care to give the best customer experience.

Our barrel damper is present on Little Fat Robot's visor system

Cultraro barrel damper is present on the robot's visor system, which with a slowed movement allows us to see its face. The damping of this movement is particularly important to avoid damage to the visor itself.

To learn more about the Cultraro barrel damper, visit the website, where you can download the product data sheets, or write to for information.

Also discover other interesting uses in the house, such as on kitchen cabinets and boilers.

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