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Dampers in furniture: silence and motion control


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Dampers can have a lot of uses in furniture: every door and lid can have a controlled movement both in opening and closing. Drawers also often need to be slowed down in closing, to avoid abrupt movements and noise.

For normal doors and drawers linear and axial dampers are perfect with their variety of torques and the little dimensions that made every damper very versatile.

For heavier doors we have products that can reach up to 500Ncm: the KA axial damper can be used in the mechanism of heavy doors in order to have a soft opening.

Dampers are important to improve the user experience: if you can open and close your furniture doors without worrying about slamming and noises your every day life will be improved. With the dampers and their extremely high durability the application will also have a longer life.

The video shows the use of the KA axial damper on a living room cabinet, slowing down the movement of a heavy door:

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