Cultraro among the suppliers of the new BMW 7 Series





The BMW 7 Series is a car with a lot of competition: Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes have similar and just as luxurious models.

But with the refined interiors, the infotainment and the grille this car can really stand out.

The rear armrest, spacious and functional, has got a heavy lid with soft-close function thanks to Cultraro linear dampers. Cultraro linear dampers can easily control the opening and closing movement of lids and covers, ensuring a smooth and silent movement. This motion control technology is possible thanks to a combination of variety of dimensions and of torque/force of the dampers.

The use of linear, axial and rotary dampers is common on a variety of applications, improving the overall perceived quality: for example they are present on the interior, exterior and grab handles, on the sunglasses bin, on the luggage cover.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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