Cultraro among the suppliers of the Ford Focus





Cultraro A Series and C Series dampers in the new Ford Focus

Cultraro technology is featured in the new Ford Focus sunglass holder for smooth, comfortable movement.


Cultraro is present on the fourth generation Ford Focus, which compared to the previous ones is lighter, more powerful and spacious while maintaining the same dimensions.

Spaciousness should be the car's main selling point, alongside technology, giving customers what they want.

In this attention to technology, Cultraro is perfectly inserted

Cultraro dampers are present in the sunglass holder, for a smooth movement, with particular attention to the aesthetics of the car.

Dampers are used in many other ways on cars: for example, on the steering column lever, on the center armrest, on the storage compartment.

Here you can see the insert published on Automotive News Europe.

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