Axial dampers and push latches on the new Volvo EX90





The all-new 2023 Volvo EX90 is a sleek and stylish SUV that boasts exceptional features and advanced technology. It is designed to provide the ultimate driving experience with impressive performance, comfort and safety features.

This vehicle is equipped with two innovative products from the damper family, located on the armrest cupholder. These products include an axial damper that slows the door's closing motion and a push-push latch that keeps the door securely closed.

The axial damper, which slows the closing motion of the door, is an innovative solution that allows for a more gradual and gentle closing, eliminating the potential for slamming with a loud closing. In addition, the push-push latch helps keep the door securely closed, preventing it from accidentally opening during transport. These two features work together to create a seamless and comfortable experience for all passengers.

Quiet and controlled movement is a great quality element for those who choose to purchase a car of this level. The new Volvo EX90 takes this seriously, implementing state-of-the-art products into its structure that ensure a smooth and comfortable experience when using its accessories.

The new Volvo EX90 is a game changer in the automotive world. By implementing these two innovative products from the dampers family, it not only increases the luxury and refinement of the vehicle, but also offers practical benefits such as noise reduction and increased lifetime of the application itself.

There are many applications for dampers in the automotive world: some examples include axial dampers on the grab handle, linear dampers on the center and/or rear armrest, or rotary dampers on the exterior flush handle.

Source: Automotive News

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