Linear hydraulic dampers in household appliances

Linear hydraulic dampers are used in household appliances to make the movement of structures quiet, smooth and safe, mitigating the impact, avoiding damage and noise and increasing the life of the mechanical and electric parts.

How do linear hydraulic dampers work in household appliances


Many household appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners and refrigerators have doors and components that are opened and closed again and again when in use.

The use of a linear damper allows the shock resulting from this movement to be absorbed, improving the quality of use of the appliance and providing the user with a quiet and stable device.

Thanks to silicone oil, linear dampers can handle the force of compression and vibration when smooth movement or controlled deceleration is required.

This is the reason way more and more companies are choosing to install a damper in their household appliances. You can find linear dampers not only on furniture drawers and lids or on house doors, but also in ovens, trash cans, refrigerator doors and electronic appliances, making it easier and more comfortable to use them.

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