Linear dampers and industrial shock absorbers

Linear dampers and industrial shock absorbers provide a smooth, linear deceleration of a given load, using a medium such as transmission fluid or silicone oil to control the deceleration.

Industrial shock absorbers


A shock absorber is usually used for industrial applications involving a large load.

In particular, industrial shock absorbers are designed to control the movement of a load as it makes contact with it: when the load comes into contact with the shock absorber, the mechanism will “catch” it by gradually decelerating to the end of its movement.


Linear dampers


A linear damper is used for a wide variety of applications on smaller loads.

Linear dampers’ particular method of operation allows them to be used both when the load is in constant contact with the damper, and when contact occurs after movement has begun, allowing in both cases controlled and regular deceleration.


Linear dampers and shock absorbers therefore differ in terms of the load, but whereas the shock absorber starts working when the load comes into contact with it, the linear damper works in both cases, with an obvious greater variety of possible uses.

The characteristics of the linear damper make it easy to integrate into the application, very versatile and cost-effective.

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