Mini linear hydraulic dampers

Mini linear hydraulic dampers are the smallest and most versatile solution to energy absorption demands.

Thanks to their compactness, mini linear dampers can be installed in a variety of handling devices and pivoting objects

How does a mini linear hydraulic damper work


A mini linear hydrauliuc damper improves the efficiency of the object in which it is installed by decelerating the load quickly with a one-way damping movement and an automatic return, thanks to the spring inside the damper.

Mini linear hydraulic dampers are compact and maintenance-free and are the best solution to preserve the quality of the devices in your daily life.


Cultraro mini linear hydraulic dampers


Cultraro mini linear hydraulic dampers are the smallest dampers in the L Series family capable of generating a soft motion deceleration, providing high performances, strength and resistance.

With a diameter of only 9 or 10 mm, our mini linear dampers can reach a force of 500N, making them the perfect solution for damping the movements of medium/heavy weight rotary and sliding appliances.

Mini linear hydraulic dampers main applications are objects of daily life, such as kitchen cabinet doors, oven and freezer doors, windows, doors, car seats, but also industrial refrigerators, displays and vending machines.

Flexibility and strength in small size: this is the secret of mini linear dampers!

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