Rotary dampers in electric car charging port

Car components are subject to a multitude of stresses that can affect their durability and quality.

Abrupt movements and shocks of various car components can damage or reduce their optimal performance, such as with mirrors and fuel filler doors.

In electric cars, it is important to preserve these mechanisms from breakage and wearing, so as not to affect maintenance costs.


The use of rotary damper in car charging doors


A broken car charging door is extremely dangerous, as it compromises the protection of the entire charging system, which would be subjected to external influences and possible shocks.

Rotary dampers can be the solution against its wear and tear, because they are able to smooth the opening and the closing of the charging door without affecting the car aesthetic or the dimension of the flap.

The controlled deceleration provided by a rotary damper preserves the door from the continuous shocks caused by fast closing during recharging, which in the long term can lead to door breakage. The viscous fluid inside the damper absorbs all the force exerted on the mechanism in which it is inserted, dissipating and cancelling it out.

Installing a rotary damper on electric car charging doors is the best choice to offer a car that is both solid and finished in every detail.

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