Cultraro rotary dampers high torque on the new Range Rover Sport





The Range Rover Sport is a high-performance SUV that is known for its luxury features and powerful performance. One of the key components that helps to enhance the overall driving experience is the rotary damper high torque on the exterior flush handle.

One element that helps to enhance the daily use of this car is the presence of a rotary damper high torque on the exterior flush handle, which is a type of door handle that is mounted flush with the surface of the door, rather than protruding out.

A rotary damper on this sleek and modern kind of handle can control the closing movement of the handle, providing a smooth and stable operation.

One of the main benefits of using a rotary damper on the exterior flush handle is that it helps to improve the overall feel of the handle and make it smoother to operate. Dampers are 100% tested and their long lifetime is another benefit because it helps extending the lifetime of the application also.

With their small dimensions that make them easy to install and high torque these rotary dampers can be applied to a large number of appliances. Rotary dampers can be used for example on the sunglass bin, on the luggage cover and on the cupholder door.


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