Cultraro among the suppliers of the new Tesla Y





A damper in a car that needs no presentation

This car has been out in the US since March 2020; very similar to the Model 3 but in a more practical shape, with more room inside and a higher guider seat.

The overall material quality is also improved.

Our axial dampers are present on the door handle, which can be very noisy when released, with an abrupt movement.

Cultraro rotary and axial dampers can be used in such small applications and even be practically invisible thanks to their small dimensions. The variety of torques makes them also suitable for light applications such as the different handles of the car (grab handles, interior and exterior handles) but also on heavier lids.

Every handle of the car can be slowed down with axial and rotary dampers, ensuring smoothness and silence.

If you want to discover other applications related to the world of automobiles, such as the glove box, the glasses drawer, the luggage cover, follow the links.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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