Motion control

Controlling the movement

Closing a door with just the touch of a hand, avoiding harsh shocks and noise: this is what dampers are for.
Dampers are true motion decelerators, which offer not only control when opening and closing, but also silence and smoothness, thus preserving objects from wear and tear.

Using dampers for slow and controlled movement


The technology used in dampers makes it possible to slow down the speed of door and lid movement, thanks to the friction of the viscous fluid contained inside.
The more viscous the fluid, the more controlled the movement, thanks to the transformation of the kinetic energy of the object into the thermal energy of the fluid.

The principle behind the operation of dampers is their resistance: as it increases, so does control over the movement of the damper and, therefore, of the door on which it is installed.


The advantages of dampers


Installing dampers on the objects we use most often during the day helps preserve their quality over time by reducing and absorbing door shocks and rebounds, decelerating movements for smooth and controlled operation.

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