Cultraro among the suppliers of the new Maserati Grecale





An SUV a step ahead

The Maserati Grecale is a mid-sized, luxury SUV with some great features. Considering that 80 per cent of the mass market passenger vehicles sold in the USA are SUV, the Grecale stands for its interiors, spaciousness and design, along with great performances.

The axial dampers are present on the trunk cover, whose movement would be too fast and dangerous without a damper that controls the movement. The damper ensures a slowed down movement preventing from wear over time and ensuring smoothness and silence to the application.

Fun fact: the nameplate Grecale derives from the Mediterranean wind, Gregale.

Axial dampers are used in many applications on cars, such as the drawer for glasses, the glove compartment and the interior grab handle.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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