Cultraro among the suppliers of the new Ford F-150 Lightning





The automotive world is evolving with cars that can be as powerful as they are attentive to environmental issues.

The original Lightning was introduced as a 1993 F-150 stuffed with a big V8 engine; this latest Lightning edition is a truck for a new, greener era being modified in an electric vehicle.

The interior of this sports truck is spacious and full of intuitive controls. The physical movement of the overhead console is controlled and slowed down with our rotary dampers. Rotary dampers are often used in the automotive sector to improve the perception of quality, silencing the movement of internal and external mechanisms of the car and prolonging its life.

The presence of push push latches also ensure the safe closing and opening of the overhead console with the push push latch mechanism.

Dampers can be applied in a large variety of automotive applications, such as on interior handles, cup holders and bin/storage compartments, on the glasses drawer, on the center armrest.

Source: Automotive News

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