Cultraro among the suppliers of the new Ford Explorer





The Ford Explorer, now in its sixth generation, is a spacious and functional three-row SUV, suitable for large families - but not only - thanks to its brilliant performance.

The cargo space is ample, the car has all-round comfort and the spacious front row has many advantages - details that have made it not only functional but also detailed.

Comfort and silence

The overhead console is equipped with Cultraro rotary dampers and push push latches to ensure two important functions: a soft, silent and controlled closing / opening, and the coupling ensured by the push push latch function.

The applications in the car are numerous and varied to increase the perception of quality and efficiency: we can have axial shock absorbers, for example in the interior, exterior and grab handles and in the glove compartment, as well as rotating shock absorbers in the lid of the cup holder and in the glasses drawer.

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