Why does it move so smoothly: 7 places where you didn't know there was a linear hydraulic damper

Linear hydraulic dampers provide a smooth and linear deceleration of doors and components subjected to an opening or closing force, thanks to the viscosity of the fluid inside them which absorbs and mitigates the impact.

Applying a linear hydraulic damper to an object makes it possible to manage the loads to which the object is subjected, both when it is in constant contact with the damper and when the contact between the load and the damper occurs when movement has already begun. Therefore, linear dampers are applied in a wide variety of objects.


Linear hydraulic dampers slow down the running of drawers as they open and close, guaranteeing quietness and quality, and offering constant smoothness over the years.

Thanks to its small size, a linear damper can be integrated into any type of drawer, from small ones in bedside cabinets and chests of drawers to larger ones in cupboards and kitchen cupboards, to improve their daily use, ensuring a longer working life of the moving parts and protecting the objects contained inside them from bumps and shocks.



Home windows can be slowed down in their opening thanks to a linear hydraulic damper that can prevent excessively abrupt openings that could damage the joinery, while also ensuring greater security.

The smooth and silent movement offered by a simple and small linear hydraulic damper completely transforms the window frame, which will open more smoothly and without creaking, both in the tilt and turn direction and in the vertical one.



Oven doors are extremely delicate and any abrupt opening or closing can damage them, requiring the replacement of the entire appliance.

Installing a linear hydraulic damper can avoid this problem, as it effectively controls and slows down the movement of the oven door, silencing it and reducing wear and tear on moving parts. Linear dampers have the great advantage of being resistant to any temperature, even the highest, always offering high performances.


Car seats

A car seat must be able to be comfortably adjusted to achieve the ideal position for both the driver and passengers.

A linear hydraulic damper applied to the seats in your car can make smoother and slower its positioning and the tilting movement of the backrest, ensuring greater ease of use and consequently greater safety for people inside the car.


Pull up machines

The maintenance of gym machines is expensive and complicated.

In equipment such as the pull up machine, wear and tear is a frequent problem, because every time the athlete releases the dumbbell, the weight slams down hard on the others that are piled up.

Linear dampers can solve this problem, reducing the frequency of repair work and making the entire machine safe: a damper ensures a slowed-down movement of the weights used by the athlete, reducing the impact and noise generated.


Fridge doors

How many times a day do we open and close a refrigerator? A proper movement of its door is an essential factor: a refrigerator that opens or closes incorrectly can compromise the quality of the food it contains.

Installing a linear hydraulic damper on the doors of domestic and industrial refrigerators allows us to preserve their contents, preventing deterioration, and cushioning sharp bumps that can cause glass containers or other fragile materials to break.


Internal and external doors

Linear hydraulic dampers are optimally applied to internal and external doors, as they slow down their movement while guaranteeing silence and safety, as well as offering the possibility of keeping the door open thanks to a lock.

The performance of the damper on doors is assured for years. With linear dampers, you can forget about doors slamming or creaking!

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