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Linear Damper in Pull Up Machines


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Is it expensive and complicated to maintain your gym machines?

Unfortunately, every tool gets damaged over time, especially a machine like the Pull Up machine. When the athlete releases the handlebars, in fact, the weight hits the other stacked with force, thus risking breaking the equipment but above all hurting himself and others.

The Pull Up machine, as you well know, is mainly used to train the muscles of the upper back, the lower part of the trapezius and the rhomboids.

Using it correctly is important to avoid damage to the muscles and to the machine itself, thus ensuring a long life. To meet both of these requirements, it is necessary not only a correct use by the user or sportsman but also a constant maintenance by the owner of the gym.

What if there was a solution to meet your needs that reduces maintenance costs but above all the repairs of your equipment?

Cultraro is the answer:

Thanks to special linear dampers, the linear Damper mounted on the machine, it is possible to obtain a slowed and gradual movement of the weights when they are released, to ensure that they do not hit abruptly.

This slowdown will guarantee the machinery longer life and lower maintenance costs as well as increasing the user's safety when he will use the machinery.

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