Rotary dampers on the cupholder of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class





In the pursuit of perfection, Mercedes-Benz has once again pushed the boundaries of automotive engineering with the introduction of the 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

As part of its commitment to delivering unparalleled luxury and convenience, the E-Class is equipped with an ingenious feature - the rotary damper on the cupholder lid. This groundbreaking innovation not only slows the opening and closing of the cupholder lid, but also enhances the overall driving experience by providing a quiet and noise-free environment.

The presence of the rotary damper on the cupholder lid ensures:

Smooth and controlled movement

The rotary damper integrated into the cupholder lid of the 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class provides a smooth and controlled opening and closing experience.

Silenced movement

The damper slows down the lid's movement and reduces unwanted noise

Enhanced interior aesthetics

Carefully integrated into the design of the cupholder lid, this discreet yet impactful feature adds an element of sophistication to the interior.

Enhanced Durability

Controlled motion protects the lid and cupholder from wear and tear, reducing the risk of premature damage.


With the ability to slow and silence the application, this small but remarkable feature elevates your journey to new heights of comfort and serenity.

Cultraro dampers are found on many automotive applications, including interior, exterior and grab handles, trunk covers, and front and rear armrests.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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