Cultraro among the suppliers of the 2021 Ford Bronco 





Soft movement on the American classic off-road 

The Ford Bronco is a classic off-road vehicle, and this 2021 version is the first new one since 1977... it is an event for this iconic model!

Considering its inner nature, the Bronco is not a luxury car in the interior. This does not mean that it is uncomfortable: the comforts are present, the interior is designed to take up the historical model with additions and improvements.

Slow opening and secure latch

Our rotary damper is in the overhead console, giving it the usual smoothness in the opening movement of the glasses drawer. In addition, there is also a push-push latch that ensures the closing.

Our rotary dampers are widely used in the automotive area, such as in the center armrest and in the lid of the cupholder.


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