What is a rotary damper?

What is a rotary damper?

Small Rotary dampers are mechanical components that, by slowing down movement through continuous rotation, make the use of the object on which they are installed more controlled and comfortable.

Small Rotary dampers are used on vehicles but also on doors and lids in a wide variety of areas to prevent them from having uncontrolled movement and to ensure that they absorb shocks, vibrations and noise that may damage equipment or prevent it from working at its best.

How rotary damper works?

Small Rotary dampers work by rotation around a single axis. The oil inside the damper produces a damping torque on the movement of the moving parts.
In small rotary dampers, the size of the torque depends on oil viscosity, on the distance between the moving parts, and on their surface area.

In addition, the torque of the damper changes depending on the temperature. Usually, the higher the temperature, the lower the torque. The lower the temperature, the higher the torque.
Our rotary dampers offer less performance variation on these parameters than other products with the same characteristics.

Thanks to the absorption of external shocks and vibrations, the fluid inside the rotary dampers allows for the controlled opening and closing of lids and doors, slowing the movement and controlling the impact against the surface on which they are installed.



Where are they used?


Small Rotary dampers are applied to a wide range of products, such as cabinets, vehicles, toilet seats, bins, coffee machines, gas stations, lawnmowers and any device with a lid or hinge that needs to open and close frequently, quietly, and smoothly.
There are also many applications in the automotive sector: handles, fuel doors, glasses holders, cup holders and many others.

Easy to install and maintenance-free, rotary dampers can be felt without being seen: they are, in fact, small, almost invisible dampers that protect the delicate components of the product on which they are installed.


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