Why does it move so smoothly: 10 places where you didn't know there was an axial damper

Axial dampers work in a similar way to other dampers, because the viscous fluid and the position of the blades contained inside them determine the damping force that the damper can apply to the load.

What makes axial dampers unique is their positioning on the object, because they are applied directly on its axis of rotation. Because of this, axial dampers can be used in a variety of objects.

Scoop bins for sweets

Scoop bins for sweets and other foodstuffs often have a lid that tends to close abruptly as the user takes out the products.

With the insertion of an axial damper on the mechanism, the opening and closing of these flaps will be slowed down and controlled, thus allowing a more comfortable use of the display and preventing sharp blows to the customers' hands.


Robotic lawnmower

Modern automatic lawnmowers can move freely to cut the grass.

Such efficient devices need equally good mechanical components so that every single part works at its best, including the control panel doors.

An axial damper installed on the cover allows a more controlled closing, so that it does not rattle and vibrate while working.


Kitchen cabinets

A kitchen must be welcoming and comfortable to use, especially in height: cabinets that are difficult to use become an obstacle when preparing meals, often causing accidents and falling objects.

The use of an axial damper inside the opening and closing mechanism of the cabinet doors allows them to be used safely, slowing down their movement and not taking up any more space than that of the mechanism itself.



Boilers and heating appliances are extremely delicate systems that need to be handled with care. An axial damper installed on the door dampens its closing and opening movement, resulting in a slowed down and quiet movement without requiring additional space to be inserted. To increase the quality of their products, many companies have decided to use just such a small axial damper in the opening mechanism of boiler doors, providing a smooth and controlled movement.


Hair styling kit

Hairdressers make use of extremely fragile tools and devices, which need to be stored in sturdy and spacious protective cases.

There are now special cases on the market that protect and disinfect hair styling instruments with a UV-C lamp inside. Such a product must be easy to handle in all its parts and this is why manufacturers have chosen to install an axial damper in the lid mechanism, guaranteeing soft-close opening and closing to preserve the UV-C technology and the objects contained inside.


Car bins, gloveboxes and glasses boxes

Drawers inside cars are often subject to abrupt opening due to the shocks the car suffers on the way. In the case of glasses or glove compartments, the risk is that objects inside will fall out and break.

The use of an axial damper inside the glovebox or bin lid, like the one installed inside the Rolls Royce Ghost, allows for a smooth and controlled movement, increasing the perceived quality and offering greater stability to the drawer.


Steering column lever

Adjusting the steering wheel to the correct height and position allows the user to drive more safely and comfortably. Applying an axial damper to the steering column lever to control the movement enables it to be adjusted with a smooth motion, making its positioning more precise. Among the cars featuring this mechanism is the Lamborghini Urus, which perfectly blends style and avant-garde.


Revolving shelf for kitchen furniture

In the latest generation of kitchen furniture, revolving shelves are often installed to allow easier access to the products and objects contained, while maintaining order within the compartment.

These types of furniture are often equipped with an axial damper in the axis of rotation, which gives them greater mobility of the tray while maintaining quiet movement and durability.


Car grab handles

Car grab handles are subjected to constant stress, both from the passenger using them and from the road itself, risking premature wear.

The installation of an axial damper in the handle's pivot axis provides a smooth and controlled movement, avoiding abrupt closures and increasing the perceived quality of handle release, just like Jeep did for the Compass model.


Medium-sized appliances

A quality household appliance must be easy to handle and durable, and all moving parts must be able to be opened and closed smoothly. Therefore, installing an axial damper on the moving parts of appliances such as rice cookers and friers allows for silent, smooth and slowed-down movements without requiring too much space.

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