What are push-push latches

Push-push latches, often referred to as touch latches, are small, easy-to-integrate components that provide secure, quiet closing and opening for cabinets, drawers, doors and more. These compact devices are designed to keep your storage areas neat, secure and easily accessible.

How do push-push latches work?

Push-push latches work on a simple yet ingenious principle: press once to open, press again to close. When you push the latch, it releases the door or drawer from its closed position, allowing you to open it smoothly. To secure the door or drawer, push until you hear a satisfying "click”. This audible confirmation ensures that your belongings are secure and out of sight.

Key features of Push Push latches

User-Friendly: these latches are incredibly easy to use, requiring minimal effort to open and close cabinets, drawers or doors.

Efficient: push-push latches provide smooth, quiet operation, making them ideal for spaces where discretion is key.

Space-saving: these latches have a compact design, making them suitable for environments with limited space.

Versatility: they can be installed in a variety of applications, from kitchen cabinets and bathroom drawers to office storage.

Durability: push-push latches are built to withstand daily use, ensuring long-term reliability.

Aesthetic appeal: with a sleek and unobtrusive design, they enhance the overall look of your furniture without drawing unwanted attention.



Push-push latches can be found in many applications:

Automotive: their presence on cup holders, center/rear armrests, sunglasses racks, glove compartments and other applications makes their daily use smoother and more enjoyable.

Furniture Cabinets: keep your furniture looking sleek and stylish with hidden cabinet handles

Office Furniture: achieve a modern and professional look in your office space while maintaining quick access to important documents and supplies.

RVs and Boats: maximize storage space in RVs and boats with push-button latches, which are essential for comfort and safety while traveling.


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