5 objects where you didn’t know there was a push push latch

Push push latches are push-to-open mechanisms that allow doors and flaps to be opened with the touch of a finger, resulting in silent movements and a modern and clean design, as in the case of handle-less furniture.

Thanks to their small size, push push latches can be used on a wide variety of applications.

Courtesy mirror

The courtesy mirror in cars is frequently opened and closed, and can quickly get damaged.

Using push push latches on courtesy mirrors will allow safe closing and opening with just the touch of a finger, avoiding noisy and abrupt snaps.



In cars, ashtrays are small and very delicate, as they are subject to curves and roadway conditions.

A small push push latch installed on the lid of the ashtray allows it to be opened and closed with the touch of a finger, without the lid slamming shut or becoming detached from the entire ashtray.



Most well-equipped cars have glass and cup holders to hold food and drinks and prevent them from spilling during the journey.

The push push latches offer secure opening and closing of the cup holder without requiring additional space to be secured and guaranteeing extreme stability and quietness.


Coffee machines

Coffee machines need quality components to increase convenience in use and make them durable over the years.

For this reason, inserting push push latches in the doors and moving parts results in a coffee machine that is extremely practical in use and durable.


Neck braces for motorbikes and mountain bikes

Mountain biking and motocross are sports that require valid equipment for the safety of riders.

Neck braces are accessories designed precisely to reduce the possibility of serious injury, and the insertion of push push latches into the locking mechanism allows it to be secured to the body in a safe and efficient manner, while maintaining a minimal and functional design.

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