Green solutions: dampers in bulk food bins for sustainable packaging

Consider the possibility of purchasing bulk foods such as bread, pasta, condiments and more using containers with slow-closing linear, axial and rotary dampers: not only will it improve the customer experience, but it will also make a significant contribution to the environment!

With less packaging and containers, valuable resources such as paper, plastic and energy are conserved, contributing to a greener supply chain.

Linear, axial and rotary dampers, with their myriad benefits, are not just an asset, but a necessity for modern bulk food handling systems. Here's why:

Quiet operation 

One of the most important features of linear, axial and rotary dampers is their ability to significantly reduce noise from moving applications. This creates a quieter environment and minimizes noise pollution.

Slowed Motion 

Linear, axial and rotary dampers allow precise control of the closing motion of containers, ensuring a smooth and manageable release.


Linear, axial and rotary dampers are designed to withstand continuous use and transfer this characteristic to the application itself: in fact, their use results in less frequent replacement and maintenance, saving time and resources.

Environmental benefits 

By using linear, axial and rotary dampers from small shops to large retailers, companies can handle large quantities of bulk food more efficiently. This reduces the reliance on smaller, disposable packaging, resulting in a significant reduction in packaging.


By slowing the movement of container lids and minimizing packaging, companies can reduce consumption, protect products and conserve resources.Let's continue to embrace these green solutions to create a brighter, more eco-conscious future.

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