Axial dampers on the frunk lid

Axial dampers play a key role in improving various aspects of vehicle performance and user experience. For example, the hood of electric vehicles can be slowed in its closing motion for maximum safety and comfort.

The term "frunk" is a fusion of "front" and "trunk". It refers to the storage space in the front of some vehicles, particularly electric vehicles. Because electric vehicles (EVs) don't have a traditional internal combustion engine in the front, manufacturers often use this space for additional storage. The trunk provides a convenient compartment for storing items such as charging cables, groceries, or other cargo, separate from the rear trunk. It's a unique feature of many electric vehicles, adding to their practicality and versatility.

But what can really add practicality to this kind of storage space is a cover with controlled and slowed down movementAnd this is possible with Cultraro dampers.

In this particular case we would like to suggest the use of our K axial damper to be installed to regulate the closing motion of a car's trunk, ensuring controlled and smooth movement.

Many advantages of having a K axial damper on your frunk cover are:

Smooth and controlled closing: Axial dampers effectively regulate the speed at which the trunk lid descends, ensuring a smooth and controlled closing motion. This not only adds a touch of sophistication to the vehicle design, but also minimizes the risk of slamming shut, preventing potential damage to the trunk and its contents.

Improved Safety: Safety is paramount in any vehicle, and axial dampers contribute significantly to this aspect. By slowing the closing motion of the trunk lid, these dampers reduce the likelihood of accidents or injuries caused by sudden slamming. Whether it's preventing fingers from getting caught or avoiding unexpected impacts, the inclusion of axial dampers puts passenger safety first.

Noise reduction: The clattering sound of a Frunk cover slamming shut can be distracting and unsettling. Axial dampers alleviate this problem by providing a quieter closing action. With reduced noise levels, drivers and passengers can enjoy a quieter cab environment, free from unnecessary disturbance during loading and unloading activities.

Extended life: Constant slamming of the trunk lid can lead to premature wear and tear, affecting the longevity of the vehicle's components. By incorporating axial dampers, manufacturers help extend the life of the trunk mechanism. The controlled closing motion reduces stress on hinges, latches, and other related parts, preserving their functionality over time.

User convenience: Convenience is an important consideration for today's vehicle owners, and axial dampers contribute to a hassle-free experience. The smooth and gradual closing action facilitated by these dampers requires minimal effort from the user, making it easier to operate the trunk lid, especially when hands are full or in situations where a gentle closing action is preferred.

Customization and Integration: Axial dampers offer flexibility in design and integration, allowing automakers to tailor their functionality to specific vehicle models and customer preferences. Whether it's adjusting the closing speed or fine-tuning the damping characteristics, these dampers can be customized to match the overall design ethos and performance requirements of the vehicle.

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