Door slowdown solutions

How many times has a child pinched their fingers when closing a door? And how many times have doors slammed noisily because of draughts? How much time is wasted searching for an object with the right weight - yet not too bulky - to keep the office door open?

A damper is all you need to avoid all these small daily mishaps.

Damping door movements


Door dampers have a dual function: slowing down the opening and closing movement, thanks to their resistance force, and avoiding any shock-absorbers and doorstops that prevent passage and often cause tripping and falling.

To this end, dampers which are specifically designed to be installed on doors are small in size, so that they can be integrated both inside the hinges and externally, without taking up too much space and looking unsightly.

Using the hydraulic damper technology on doors and shutters will therefore enable slow and silent opening and closing movements. But that's not all: dampers will protect uprights from breaking due to constant banging and will keep the passage open when locked.

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