The use of dampers in means of transport

Comfort and safety are essential preconditions for travelling.

Whether moving by car or motorbike, by train or plane, diver and passengers must feel comfortable, free of nuisance or distraction.

Why use a damper on means of transport

Transport cabins are full of drawers and compartments for storing bags, suitcases and personal belongings.

All of these objects must be secured to prevent them from falling out, hindering the driver's driving and preventing accidents for passengers. On an aeroplane or train, if a hatbox is not hermetically sealed, luggage could injure anyone sitting under it.

Dampers are used on means of transport precisely to ensure the movement of drawers and doors, folding tables and seats, so that their opening and closing or movements do not cause abrupt and dangerous movements.

With a rotary, linear or axial damper, the table for holding personal belongings can be opened and closed smoothly, without jerking, while an airplane hatbox will close securely and can be opened again with the touch of a finger.

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