Improve safety and control: dampers for storm/fire doors

When it comes to storm and fire doors, safety, controlled motion and reliable operation are paramount.

At Cultraro, we specialize in the design and manufacture of high quality rotary, axial and linear dampers designed to slow down applications and provide precise control of movement.

If you need a damper to ensure smooth opening and closing of storm/fire doors, you can easily find the right product: with a range of different dimensions and torque/force, we can meet any requirement, depending on the weight of the door, the space available to integrate it, the movement required.

The added value will be high due to the various benefits:

Optimal safety

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to storm/fire doors. By regulating the speed at which the doors close, our dampers provide a smooth and controlled operation, reducing potential hazards and ensuring a safer environment for both occupants and property.

Enhanced functionality

By integrating our dampers into storm/fire doors, you enhance their overall functionality. These dampers act as critical components that regulate door speed, prevent slamming, and provide a smooth, controlled closing action.

Increased door life

The repeated impact of forceful door closures can cause premature wear and damage. By slowing door movement, our dampers help extend the life of storm/fire doors, saving you maintenance costs and providing long-term reliability.

Noise Reduction

Uncontrolled door slamming can create unnecessary noise that can cause disruption and discomfort in various environments. Our dampers excel at reducing the noise generated when doors close, creating a quieter and more comfortable atmosphere. Whether it's a residential, commercial or industrial environment, the ability to maintain a peaceful environment contributes to a better overall experience for occupants and visitors.

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