Enhance your sailing experience with dampers and push push latches

A luxurious sailing experience is about refinement, serenity and attention to detail. The gentle rocking of the ocean should not be disturbed by abrupt and noisy movements of hatches and doors. Rotary, axial, and linear dampers provide the perfect solution to silence and slow down these applications on yachts. Let's take a look at the many benefits of using dampers to dampen the movement of hatches, doors, and other applications, and how incorporating push push latches further ensures safe and worry-free travel.

1. Quiet closing moements

The main benefit of incorporating rotary, axial or linear dampers into your marine applications is their ability to create quiet and controlled movements. No longer will you have to endure the sound of slamming doors closing abruptly. These dampers provide a controlled and gradual motion, with quiet and peaceful closures that complement the elegant atmosphere of a yacht ride.

2. Impeccable yacht aesthetics

Yachts are true works of craftsmanship and design. The installation of dampers brings a refined touch that maintains the clean and sophisticated aesthetics of your yacht. 

3. Increased safety
Safety is paramount on a yacht, especially during offshore voyages. Rotary, axial and linear dampers play a key role in ensuring the safety of passengers and crew. By slowing the movement of hatches and doors, these dampers prevent sudden closures that could cause accidents or injuries. 

4. Durability and longevity

Investing in dampers for your marine applications can significantly increase the durability and longevity of these components. Traditional closures can experience excessive wear and tear from constant movement and impact. Dampers provide cushioned and controlled closure, minimizing stress on hinges and joints. This reduces maintenance requirements and extends the life of applications, saving on repair costs.

5. Push-Push Latches for Secure Closures

In addition to dampers, push-push latches provide additional security for your yacht doors and hatches. These latches ensure that applications stay securely closed, even in rough seas. With a simple push-pull opening and closing mechanism, access to compartments is a breeze, making push-push latches an easy and convenient choice for yacht owners and crew members.

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